Guest researcher at Danchip/Cen

At DTU we offer our international guest researchers and guest PhD students assistance with administrative, practical, and cultural issues before and after arrival. This includes the process for work and residence permit/EU residence document. Please note that must have received a Master's degree in order to use this form.

Our focus is on helping international guest researchers, guest PhD students, and their families settle in at DTU.

Please use the online guest registration form –  if you are going to visit DTU Danchip/Cen for at least 14 days, and you are coming as a:

  • Guest PhD student (not enrolled PhD students, here for 3 years)
  • Guest Postdoc
  • Guest Researcher
  • Guest Assistant Professor
  • Guest Associate Professor
  • Guest Professor (not employed by DTU)

Please note that before you fill out the registration form, you will need to have a DTU Danchip/Cen contact person and an agreed period (start and end date) of your stay.

If you are going to visit DTU for less than 14 days, please contact your contact person at the department you will be visiting.


Mette Noer
Office Manager
DTU Danchip
+45 45 25 57 26


Nina Høgh-Bach
PhD & project coordinator
DTU Danchip
+45 45 25 57 19


Anita Stick
DTU Danchip
+45 45 25 57 43