The dry etch tool package training (TPT)

The dry etch tool package training (TPT) at DTU Danchip consists of a lecture and a training session in the cleanroom. The lecture explains the dry etch processes (generation and characteristics of the etch plasma), introduces tuning an etch process and provides an overview of the dry etch equipment at Danchip. According to the learning objectives for the full course the participant should afterwards be able to:

  • Know why and when to use dry etching
  • Use the dry etchers without harming the machines

  • Select the right instrument to use for his/her dry etch processing

  • Select an appropriate etch recipe for his/her dry etch processing

  • Spot when the recipe needs to be tuned for his/her needs and

  • Suggest relevant tuning parameters

The lecture is approximately 3 hours long, and is held once a month. In the training session the participants will try out at least 3 different plasma etchers. We will group the participants into groups of up to three people and we expect the training session to last 2-3 hours.


Safety course including chemical handling introduction.


Before the lecture, the participants must watch a short dry etch introduction movie. A link will be sent out after signing up to the dry etch TPT.

Before the training session, participants should watch the training videos for the ‘ASE/AOE’ and for the ‘ICP metal/Pegasus/III-V ICP’.

Course evaluation

The participants will have to hand in a written answer to some questions we send out. This must be done to a satisfactory level showing that the learning objectives have been met.

How to get full authorization to the dry etch equipment

To be fully authorized on any of the plasma etchers you need afterwards to get training on the particular instrument you want to use. Before the training you must read the relevant instrument manual and review the relevant training videos, so you are ready to show us that you can safely operate the instrument on your own.  

Full information on the dry etch TPT is available in
LabAdviser along with links to training videos and the lecture slides incl. explanatory text.

To sign up for the dry etch TPT, please write to the Jonas Michael-Lindhard and Berit Geilman Herstrøm.

Dates & registration


Clik on the link in order to register and get an overview of the coming courses:

Sign up for the Dry Etch TPT course 




Berit Herstrøm
Process Specialist, M.Sc.
DTU Danchip
+45 45 25 63 03


Jonas Michael-Lindhard
Process Specialist, M.Sc.
DTU Danchip
+45 45 25 57 44
18 JULY 2018