Advisory Board

Executive Management at DTU Danchip is guided by an advisory board and reports to the executive board at the Technical University of Denmark.

Members of the Advisory Board at DTU Danchip/Cen:

Per Kringhøj - CTO at Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S
Per Kringhøj, Chief Technical Officer, CTO at Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S   Per is Cand.Scient from University of Aarhus and has a Ph.D in Physics (1992).

Per have had several research positions at University of Aarhus, Australian National University, and AT&T Bell, Murray Hill, USA. In year 2000 he joined Haldor Topsøe A/S as responsible for installation and manufacturing of float-zone equipment. In 2004 this part was taken over by PVA TePla Gmbh.  In 2008 Per joined Topsil as CTO to develop and design a new factory as well as to install new equipment and transfer existing equipment from existing factory.

Søren Isaksen - advisor
Søren Isaksen, retired and now acting as advisor on a voluntarily basis.  Søren is cand.scient from University of Aarhus and has a Ph.D in Electronic Engineering from DTU (1982).

Søren has served in different positions within the NKT Group since 1978. Firstly, as research engineer active in developing processes and technologies within optical communication, after this taking over managerial responsibilities within R&D of Optical Fibers and Cables (1984), NKT Corporate R&D (1989), establishing and managing director of NKT Research & Innovation (1992) and finally CTO of NKT Holding A/S (1999).

During his employment in NKT Søren has developed a technical and commercial background in photonics as well as material technologies and has been involved in starting up a number of new enterprises.

Søren has been board member in industries outside the NKT Group and been member of several councils, including Chairman of Danish Technical Research Council as well as Danish Research Council.

Presently, Søren is serving as Chairman of the Expert Panel for the InnoBooster program of Innovation Fund Denmark.

Carsten Gaarn-Larsen  - Director at CLEAN

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25 JUNE 2018