Green Belt course

Greenbelt kursus august - tilmeld dig nu !

onsdag 08 apr 15


Mette Noer
DTU Danchip
45 25 57 26


Karen Birkelund
Procesgeneralist, Ph.D
DTU Danchip
45 25 64 36


Peter Jesper Hanberg
Procesgeneralist, Ph.D.
DTU Danchip
45 25 58 28

Danchip is offering a 5 days extensive course - taking place August 24-28, 2015 - that introduces the users to practical cleanroom work. The purpose of the course is to give a thorough introduction to nano- and micro-fabrication.

You will learn to use some of the most fundamental processes and equipment in Danchip’s cleanroom facility and thereby ease your future entrance to our facility.

As a course participant you will fabricate your own solar cell through a coherent process sequence involving photo-lithography, physical vapor deposition and basic characterization. You will be trained in operating all relevant equipment necessary to conduct the process flow. The physics and chemistry behind the different processes will be explained and discussed.

The teaching alternates between practical work in the cleanroom and theory sessions outside the cleanroom. On the first day you participate in our mandatory cleanroom safety and hands-on course.

The course is primarily targeted to researchers, development engineers and seniors from academia and industry who would like to get hands-on impression and experience concerning state of art cleanroom fabrication and an overview over processing possibilities offered at Danchip.

If you wish to attend the GreenBelt course you have to sign up at Mette Noer:

If you have further questions about the course programme please contact the course responsible:

• Jesper Hanberg:
• Karen Birkelund:

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